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Cloud7kitchen is a one-stop shop for everything home designing. We offer our architectural design service as a way to build your dream space and make your vision a reality. There's a lot that goes behind designing an architectural project, and our architects thought about your safety and comfort on each step. We make our clients familiar with our processes and how we will turn their available space into a beautiful home. Our goal is to provide interior services with full transparency and at affordable rates. We believe that home is the essence of life where we can spend our time in peace, enjoying every moment with our loved ones.

But how do we plan your house's architectural designs? To answer your question! Here's a list of steps Cloud7kitchen undergoes to entail the process of architectural designing.

Live design

Pre Design - Your New Home Brief

The first step for your new home and the beginning of the architectural design process starts with you.  The Pre-design phase involves putting together your Wish List for your new home. It focuses on listening and getting to know every detail you want to add to the house design. Irrespective of the space being residential, industrial, healthcare, etc., there are some key areas to discuss for the project like scope, features, purpose, and functionality. To get everything in detail, we provide free consultation from our architects. They meet with the client, ask questions, take site measurements, sketch out ideas and frame your budget accordingly.

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Blue Print

Schematic Design- Concept Plan & Sketch

Now comes schematic design, the second step of our architectural designing process. It involves a concept plan which shows you the rough layout of your new house, room sizes, room locations,  and outdoor spaces. From there, your new home starts to take shape with our sketch designs. We create a floor plan to get you an idea of how your house structure will turn out. At each step, we consult our clients and make sure that home design goes according to your ideas. We build what you want.

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Design Development

You can customize the structure of your home yourself. In our next step of design development,  we further draw details of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc., ensuring a perfect fit with your ideas. This is the step where we turn the sketch designs into physical forms. Cloud7kitchen provides 3D visualization to show you the detailing and avoid wastage of materials as well as time. We will be ready to go only when you are happy with the 3D structure layout and make revisions till you are satisfied with the end results. After giving a shape to your vision, we will build the exact replica of your dream home.

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Construction Documents & Permit

With your architect’s advice, now you start choosing the materials and finishes, fixtures, and appliances. We will create a document with each specification and will help you get town planning approval. Depending on the conditions of the construction site, Title, and Council requirements, cloud7kitchen will help you get a permit for your house. After that, we will create a building permit approval which will be a contract between your builder. It will include all information regarding your building construction, including the price quoted. After documentation approval, Cloud7kitchen will move onto the next and most crucial part.

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Construction- Bringing Your Vision to Reality

Once the architectural design process is completed and ready for building, Our workers will construct the idea and bring it to life.  Our architects will make sure that the construction works according to the home design planned. Cloud7kitcen provides representatives at each step and ensures the safety of everyone involved. We treat our clients and workers like our family and ensure world class facilities and comfort during the whole process. We always take our work seriously and design spaces from different inspirations. Once the whole process is completed, you will get your dream home in no time with full functionality. Happy construction, happy homes!

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