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This is How We Shaped Cloud7Kitchen
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This is How We Shaped Cloud7Kitchen

‘Cloud7Kitchen’ is something other than just an interior design organization. We make interior designing personal, affordable, and accessible. We’re a unification of proficient and expert home designers with the mutual intellect of emphasizing the latest and modern interior designs, including kitchen modular design. We control shapes and blends from our regular world to make a stylish, down-to-earth, and practical environment that changes a straightforward building or space into a bearing of bliss for you and your guests.

Started in 2010, we have over 10 years of experience creating exquisite house interiors and are pleased to declare that we also offer Italian interior designs in India. With the base company situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, our powerhouse group of engineers and architects are prepared to convey their skills to your home or office, explicitly custom fitted to meet your requirements. Our main targets are Chennai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

With ‘Cloud7kitchen’, no detail is close to nothing, and no activity is too enormous. As a solitary hotspot for everything interior modular kitchen, we have the unmistakable preferred standpoint of offering free consultation, renovation, 3D house design visualization,  architectural designing, floor plan, establishment, and broadly perceived modular furniture marks through different obtainment.

The Roots

C7Kitchen’s Team of Engineers

Cloud7kitchen is made up of a team of passionate individuals from all walks of life and a mix of professions. We all have diverse beliefs, views, and dreams, but the one thing we share in common is our love of creating beautiful homes. It was creativity, passion, a vision, industry expertise, and clear goals that brought Cloud7Kitchen to life. 

As a group of experts from successful interior design, architect, and engineer backgrounds, we pondered how we could create a one-stop shop for people who would want their dream home to come to reality. We have all shared a fair share of struggles and pain before starting the company to achieve new heights. With solid knowledge and 10 years of industry experience, Cloud7Kitchen was born, thanks to a group of collective young engineers, whose vision finally began to take shape.


Staying together is progress
and working together is a success.

‘Cloud7kitchen’ Interior design firm is separate from other architecture firms. We believe that our clients are very close like family. Not like other firms who only concentrate on what they do and force their ideas on clients instead of clients' different expectations. Our team prioritizes client's preferences and believes in strong bonds with full trustworthy relations. We offer Interior Detailing as a permissive piece of your full-benefit design package, bringing about an accordant design/construction process. The Interior Design plan works by connecting at the hip with your own dream design to make excellent foundations that upgrade the general tasteful of each condition in your home, including:

  • Modular Furniture designs

  • Modular wardrobes designs

  • Reflected roof designs

  • Lighting designs

  • Italian sculptures

  • Constructed ins, modular kitchen, and shower cabinet

  • Chimneys and claim to fame highlights

  • Tile illustrations and roof designs

Our desire is to become the most qualified and trusted interior company in India, and we are well on the way to achieving it. Our prime focus is on delivering a beautiful space where your heart lives. Our constant measurement and feedback from the client help us do things the right way and at the correct cost. We are committed to ensuring that our design projects become lifestyle projects in the truest sense of the world.



Our mission is to provide the highest quality interior design services to our clients to the best of our abilities. We set the work priority as per the client's requirement, thus leading them in the interior world.C7kitchen started with the belief that innovative solutions can change the entire look of your space.  

We take you to the online world with our imperative 3D visualization solution. We thus offer end-to-end solutions to construct your house the way you want. We believe that your home should be fun, relaxing, all about the experience, and most importantly, should be comfortable to all. That is why it is our mission to bring convenience to the design planning space as we help renovate or build your home from scratch.

We aim to continually offer the best products and the top user experiences (for customers & suppliers) with low overhead, all at the best price for clients on the market. This and more is achieved thanks to our competent team of engineers, which provides their constant support and most outside-the-box ideas. But, what sets us apart is how we deliver innovative solutions for your every problem, from plot selection to construction. We offer consultation from every member involved in a project that too totally free of cost. Reach us now!